Recycling At Home

Recycling At Home

Help us make the most of your recycling

Whilst we would love to recycle all of the things you throw out, unfortunately it is not possible to recycle everything through your recycling collection service.

There are some things, like food, that can make the rest of your recycling unusable. Other items, like clothes or cables, can damage the sorting machinery at the Materials Recycling Facility.

See the tables below to see what you can and cannot recycle. And remember, please remove lids and discard, and give containers a rinse if they have food or liquid in them.

 Yes Tick Yes please

Materials 1

Materials 2

Materials 3

Materials 4

Materials 5


No Cross No thanks

Materials 6

Materials 7

Materials 8

Materials 9

Materials 10

 Please do not recycle anything else that is not listed, such as:

  • Food waste
  • Wood
  • Metal items
  • DIY material
  • Polystyrene
  • Foil
  • Nappies


What you can do with items that cannot be recycled

  • Food waste and shredded paper can be composted in your garden. Contact your council for a subsidised compost bin.
  • Clothes, books and toys in good condition can be donated to a charity shop, or taken to a textile bank.
  • Electricals (anything with a plug or batteries) can be taken to the reuse and recycling centre located at Smugglers Way, SW18 1JS.
  • Other household items in good or repairable conditions can be/or can shortly be collected from your home by London Reuse (visit